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If you're nearby please visit us! Our new spay/neuter prep and surgery rooms were provided through a generous grant from PETCO Foundation. We always welcome donations or supplies.

Oklahoma Spay Network!

Welcome to the Oklahoma Spay Network homepage. You can find information on this site to locate your closest spay/neuter program, or to help start a program in your own community. Most of the organizations listed in our find-a-program tab are happy to have volunteers…you can join them and help stop animal suffering today! Please visit our Durant location or any of the locations visited by our mobile spay/neuter unit to see our work, ‘in action.’.

Oklahoma Spay Network encourages the development of new programs that enable low-income homes to get pets spayed or neutered and we hope to help halt the release of intact dogs and cats from animal shelters across our state. We encourage the passage and enforcement of spay/neuter ordinances. Breaking ground in 1999, Oklahoma Spay Network was the first comprehensive, low-income spay/neuter program in Oklahoma. We serve mainly rural areas by providing spay/neuter services, informational assistance, mentoring and networking.

In 1999 we started transporting animals each month from southeast Oklahoma to a spay/ neuter clinic over 70 miles away. We have since added a spay/ neuter clinic in Durant and a mobile program which serves low population rural communities across the state.

Oklahoma Spay Network encourages the development of high volume, low-income spay/ neuter programs to assist those households that are unable to afford to have a pet spayed or neutered at the regular costs, and which contribute to the overwhelming number of homeless pets nationwide.

If you are looking for a place to get your pet spayed or neutered, please check out our list of independently operated spay/ neuter programs that exist throughout Oklahoma. Included on this site are all standing spay/ neuter clinics in the state, a list of mobile locations and a list of private animal hospitals which have programs to encourage pet owners to have pets spayed or neutered.

We encourage organizations to base their programs on an assessment of the area focused on identifying the number of homes needing services and the Oklahoma Spay Network supports spay/ neuter ordinances and other municipal codes which offer animal control a way to solve the crisis on the prevention end.

We’ve tried to include all low-income spay/ neuter programs and services that we could find in Oklahoma on this site. We hope to see more and more services in the future and new programs will be added as soon as we hear about them. If you know of a spay/ neuter service that is not on this map and that should be, please let us know!

Spay Neuter - Saving Lives and Saving Money

The Oklahoma Spay Network has reviewed the results of the enactment and enforcement of spay/neuter ordinances in Oklahoma cities and towns. While the impact varies, Tulsa, Lawton and Claremore have had significant success in reducing shelter intakes through these ordinances. Euthanasia rates have also decreased in all three cities.


Oklahoma Spay Network Mobile Services

Oklahoma Spay Network operates a mobile spay neuter unit in order to serve remote rural areas or to provide a targeted effort in specific communities.

Our off-board recovery mobile unit provides the highest standard of care for pets throughout rural Oklahoma while maintaining a cost effective approach to serving low-income neighborhoods. Our spay/ neuter unit is a custom built CM steel trailer with two surgery tables, a surgery area separated from the prep area and all of our staff has a background in high volume spay/ neuter programs.


Thank You!

We extend our deepest thanks to the PETCO Foundation for a generous grant which will enable Oklahoma Spay Network to expand and upgrade our very small surgery and prep areas (and to even have a window in our surgery room). This upgrade will enable us to increase our services and keep our staff and volunteers comfortable.

Many people who know us don’t realize that 250 to 350 surgeries are provided each month on our mobile spay neuter unit, a surgical unit which travels throughout much of the southeastern part of the state. We recently had air conditioning issues arise, and welding and fabrication work had to be done to the mobile unit itself. Without this work our mobile clinics would have been halted until fall. Diesel Power Plus at 11105 East 56th St in Tulsa volunteered to provide the work needed to keep us on the road.

Facts about Oklahoma Spay Network

Replacing Myth With Math

This book is a great resource for anyone who is interested in developing the most effective spay/neuter program possible, whether they are a statewide leader or starting the very first effort in a small community. There is math to pet overpopulation and there are concrete ways to halt it.

Marsh dispels the notion that we can adopt our way out of the crisis of pet overpopulation through hard numbers and hard facts. This is an excellent read.

To download a copy of Replacing Myth With Math, or to order a copy, visit

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