Oklahoma Spay Network Mobile Services

Oklahoma Spay Network operates a mobile spay neuter unit in order to serve remote rural areas or to provide a targeted effort in specific communities.

Our off-board recovery mobile unit provides the highest standard of care for pets throughout rural Oklahoma while maintaining a cost effective approach to serving low-income neighborhoods. Our spay/ neuter unit is a custom built CM steel trailer with two surgery tables, a surgery area separated from the prep area and all of our staff has a background in high volume spay/ neuter programs.

Volunteers assist during check-in, when pets are being moved from the surgery area to the recovery “beach” and volunteers help with cleaning and more. Using volunteerism helps us keep our prices at $35 per dog and $25 per cat, with services limited to homes with incomes under $35,000 per year. All animals are dewormed at the time of sterilization, whether or not the pet’s caregiver is able to pay for that treatment.

Volunteers and caregivers may remain with their pet throughout recovery; for many of our clients, using the mobile unit is the first time they have accessed a veterinarian for a dog or cat.

According to information provided on the intake form, over 60 percent of the pets we serve originated as strays or giveaways, most of our clients have household incomes under $18,000 per year. Caring for a pet was not an irresponsible decision they made on purpose…it was an act of compassion that we applaud.

For more information on hosting mobile spay/ neuter services in your area, call us at 580-924-5873 or 580-326-4100.

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